Population health
tailored for individuals

What it is

Cybergia helps users take control of their own health

Cybergia is a web platform for population health management, that promotes health, prevent diseases and help managers identify and implement populational strategies

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    Stronger connection between company and employees results in more gratifying work. People want to work at the company and it becomes more competitive.


    Empower and challenge your employees to adopt healthy behaviors. Create a culture that champions health and quality of life.


    Feeling productive is a basic human need. Engaged employees are more productive and everybody wins.


    Create channels that promote information flow and knowledge generation. Strengthen your team. Know and get closer to your co-workers.

How to engage employees

Employee engagement, with Cybergia


Daily activities and challenges favor competition and cooperation, moving towards healthier behaviors.


Personalized communication channels that stimulate information exchange and employee integration.


Cybergia brings information directly towards the employee and do not require cumbersome local installation nor changes to legacy systems


Companies and employees grow and walk side by side, searching for epic achievements.

Health and quality of life

Changing inconscious daily habits is a delicate task. That is why Cybergia uses the best available scientific evidence to promote a healthy lifestyle for its users’ health and to identify real the company’s problems. The outcome is a personalized solutions for the client and its employees.

The Cybergia methodology


Health and quality of life promotion

Healthy habits promotion through strategies developed by a team of health engagement experts. Employees adopting healthy behaviors are less likely to get sick, feel better and are more productive.


Enterprise communication

Get to know and value your employees. Modernize your internal marketing processes using our enterprise social network, built to allow direct communication between company-employee and stimulate team integration.


Health management services

Use a powerful analytical tool, which gathers and process user information, in order to find out what employees need. If you need further aid, we can help you analysing and understanding your company's health.

Who we are

About Cybergia

We, at Cybergia, see corporate health as a competitive advantage for companies. We believe in the power of social interaction, information and game design mechanics to transform behavior towards health and wellness.

Our vision

To be the biggest and best Corporate Health Promotion technology company, recognized as designer and developer of an innovative and effective method to promote health, bringing real and sustainable benefits for companies and users.


The Cybergia team is composed by physicians and developers with solid corporate health market experience and knowledge.

  • André Andrade, MD, MSc, PhD

    Co-founder and CEO

    Physician and Information Scientist, searching for the next individual and public health revolution

    André is a physician, MSc and PhD in Information Science - UFMG, doctoral stay in Medical University of Graz, Austria. Has experience in management positions in the healthcare sector, such as health plans (Unimed-BH, IPSEMG), hospitals (HC/UFMG, Hospital Governador Israel Pinheiro) and a Health IT company (Alert Lifesciences). Spends most of his time with his family, listening and practicing music and, obviously, playing video games

  • Tiago Sizenando

    Co-founder and Creation VP

    Engineer, chess player and game afficionado. Searching for the rules of the perfect game

    Tiago is an automation engineer (UFMG), experienced project manager (Chemtech/Siemens). Member of the International Board Games Studies association and amateur board game developer.

  • Leonardo Andrade

    Co-founder and Technology VP

    Natural born computer scientist. Does not sleep, just recompiles the brain.

    Leonardo is a computer scientist (UFMG), experienced in web developement (Java and Python). Has experience developing games (Estrada Real) and small projects with Microsoft XNA technology. Master of the keyboard, both computer or piano.

  • André Carvalho, MD.

    Health VP

    Occupational Physician, believes games are the best path towards individual and collective development.

    André is graduated in Medicine and specialized in Occupational Medicine (UFMG), where he directed his studies toward Health Promotion, with passages in USP Health Promotion Center and Unimed Paulistana. International executive MBA (FGV/Ohio University). Experienced physician, working in companies like Construtura Caparaó, Vale and Sociedade Mineira de Cultura. Has practical and theoretical knowledge about game mechanics, acquired in specific gamification courses.

  • Lucas Castanha

    Business Development

    Thinks gamification as a model for people organization, lookingtowards a shared goal.

    Lucas has a MBA in Finances by IBMEC-MG, Post-Grad in Project Management by IETEC and undergraduation in Journalism/Social Communication by Newton Paiva University Center. Project manager since 2008, in the public and private sector. his experience includes Process reengineering and Operational management. Knowledgeable and practionner of sport games.


Get to know the Cybergia blog, our place to talk about all things related to quality of life, employee engagement and workplace happiness. Share your experiences with us! (Portuguese only)

Por: Equipe Cybergia | 08/04/2016

E-book: Como plataformas digitais podem melhorar a qualidade de vida dos colaboradores

E-book: Como plataformas digitais podem melhorar a qualidade de vida dos colaboradores

A Cybergia lançou em conjunto com a empresa Psicologia Viva, um ebook gratuito sobre como as plataformas digitais podem solucionar os problemas enfrentados pelo setor de RH das empresas.

Espero que ele te ajude! Nós nos esforçamos bastante para criar constantemente materiais relevantes para vocês.

Agora ...

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Por: Equipe Cybergia | 06/06/2016

Cemig Saúde também está utilizando a solução Cybergia

Cemig Saúde também está utilizando a solução Cybergia

A Cemig Saúde implantou a solução da Cybergia com o objetivo de ajudar os usuários a alcançarem uma vida mais saudável, além de reduzir custos com a saúde.

Para a Cemig Saúde, é importante que seus participantes saibam cuidar bem de sua sa ...

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Por: Equipe Cybergia | 05/12/2016

Projeto de Inserção Internacional de Empresas Inovadoras de Base Tecnológica – Alemanha 2016

Projeto de Inserção Internacional de Empresas Inovadoras de Base Tecnológica – Alemanha 2016

Cybergia foi selecionada para participar do projeto, visando o desenvolvimento de sua competitividade no Brasil e no Exterior

O projeto de inserção internacional de empresas brasileiras inovadoras é executado pela Anprotec (Associação Nacional de Entidades Promotoras de Empreendimentos Inovadores) em parceria com a Apex-Brasil (Agência Brasileira de Promo ...

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  • What means "Cybergia"?

    Inspired by the greek words KYBERNAN, ‘control, drive’, and ERGON ’work, activity’; the name shows our belief that work and control of our own health are most effective together.

    How can the manager join the activities

    Besides the corporate social network, the manager can interact with a management module, keeping them uptodate with most important health statistics and allowing them to promote focused health campaigns.

  • Won’t this product reduce productivity by excessive use?

    No, there are embedded mechanisms that limit daily interaction (10-15 min daily at most). After all, besides work he also needs time to practice exercises, enjoy his family and be healthy!

    How is privacy treated in the platform?

    Medical information is stored according to best available practices. All information is available for the user and only the user. All managerial information is de-identified and only available in summarized reports.

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